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One of the most popular rock bands topping the charts every year, Coldplay, is rumored to perform live in India this November. The band’s lead singer, Chris Martin has left for his fans to be expecting to see more of him after his unscheduled surprise visits to Delhi and Mumbai last year in 2015. Phil Harvey, the band’s Creative Director also tweeted that he wanted to bring Coldplay to India, and since then everybody is going nuts to have them play for their fans here in India itself.

‘Hymn For The Weekend’, the band’s popular song which was shot in Mumbai last year in October, left their fans stunned with them knowing nothing about the band’s presence. According to Mumbai Mirror, Coldplay will be visiting India again, and this time with no surprises, for a show on 19th November. Also, if the show takes place, it will be constituted as a Chris Martin’s global poverty charity’s annual fund raising concert. However, the city is yet to be decided with a clash between Delhi and Mumbai.

As fans, all of us wish this rumor to turn out to be true and we all get to see the band perform and check it off of our ‘bucket lists’.

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