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CHILDREN OF WAR Lakmé Fashion Week – Winter/Festive 2017


Modern day urbanization has left us with a constant desire of change for more. This greed has driven an internal strife resulting in a conflict with our natural simplicity. The struggle to fit into this race puts us susceptible to a war within ourselves every day, resulting into our generation to be the ‘Children of War’. Inspired from the military silhouettes, this collection revolves around the contradiction between two emotions depicted with structure and fluidity. The colour palette consists of olives, dark burgundies and navy’s, teamed up with sap greens, khaki browns, ice blues and muted gold which adds a hint of metallic.

03-model-for-sayantan-sarkar-lfw-wf-2017 02-model-for-sayantan-sarkar-lfw-wf-2017

The fabrics used to construct these ensembles are self-developed handloom weaves with variations of Khadi yarns used; 100s count tie and dye Khadi; 300s count plain Khadi; 17s count heavy Khadi and zari twisted with Khadi.


Sayantan Sarkar -The label is synonymous today to all things handcrafted with poetic grace of handlooms and folk crafts of Bengal.

This contemporary label was passionately established in year 2007, by Sayantan Sarkar to revive and conserve the dying crafts heritage of West Bengal. Sarkar’s design philosophy celebrates the vision of modern India with a unique blend of Indian textiles with modern designs.

Sarkar has been successfully showcasing 4 consecutive seasons at the prestigious Lakmé fashion week. With each collection, Sarkar has toyed with idea of re-imaging the dying crafts of country. From quirky Batik prints to custom woven Jamdani, he has experimented with various crafts along the years.


















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