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Chicco ‘Baby Moments’: “For everyday quality moments”



New Delhi, Aug 16th 2017: The birth of a baby is a unique and admirable experience for any parents and there are many touching moments and emotions involved during a baby’s growth.  The nap time, the first laugh and funny faces – moments that bring together a bundle of surprises, laughter and fun. These memories get even more precious when moments like bathing, changing and moisturizing become a daily part of this bonding. That feeling is amazing when he looks right into your eyes or when she starts laughing or she abandons herself into your arms. Parenthood brings many enjoyable moments in your life and thus it is necessary to use the best products for taking care of health, skin and hygiene of your little one.


Chicco, the leading baby care brand is offering an extensive range of products to care for the sensitive skin of babies. The brand’s ‘Baby Moments’ range is made specifically thinking about all baby needs, wherein specific product is nurtured for each moment including Bathing, Skincare, Changing, Fragrance and Sun Care.


In the first months of life, the baby’s skin is with a thickness that is about half that of adults. The skin is, therefore, unable for the moment to ensure effective protection and hence is more subject to alterations and irritations with possible infections and allergies. Hence, the need to only use products which undergo strict clinical tests and should be hypoallergenic with gentle formulations that are specifically created for the sensitive skin of infants should be chosen. The bathing should be limited to 2-3 minutes for newborns. The ideal temperature of bath water is 36/37 °C, while the surrounding room temperature should be at 25/26 °C


Chicco’s wealth of experience brings ‘Baby Moments’ product line that are safe and gentle for daily care of baby’s delicate skin. All the products are Free from Parabens, SLS and SLES, colouring and alcohol (alcohol: except eau de cologne) and are Hypoallergenic and clinically tested to suit newborns sensitive skin and made safe to use starting 0m+. With quality and specific ingredients of natural origin, Baby Moments product range make every moment special.


Chicco has always believed in observing, knowing and understanding the baby’s needs to provide the best solutions for each growth stage. Thanks to ‘Osservatorio Chicco’ (The Baby Research Centre) which collaborates constantly with medical and scientific experts to find out about the facts and progress in the paediatric field and to conduct research and checks on the scientific validity of the products proposed.




Bathing (Gentle body wash & Shampoo, Baby Soap, No tears bath Foam, No tears Shampoo)

Rs. 65 onwards


Skincare(Body lotion, Massage Oil, Rich Cream)

Rs. 119 onwards


Changing(Soft Cotton Squares, Cleansing Wipes, Nappy Cream)

Rs. 65 onwards


 Fragrance(Talcum Powder, Cologne)

Rs. 249 onwards


Sun Care(Sun Spray, Sun Cream)

Rs. 749 onwards

About Chicco India:

Chicco is one of the biggest global baby care brands from Italy. Chicco is part of the Italy based multinational company, Artsana Group. The brand takes care of multiple needs of babies in 0 to 36 month range through its innovative products in nursing, cosmetics, toys, travel (Strollers, highchairs and car safety seats) and fashion. With its brand essence of ‘wherever there’s a baby’, Chicco puts its passion and expertise into capturing the moments between parents and babies to transform them into safe, simple, and effective solutions.


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