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Busting the beauty myths

Since childhood we have been told that plucking out greys’ will make all of your hair go white or shaving hair grows back hard and thicker hair. But is all that really true?
With so many beauty myths, it’s hard to separate facts from fiction.
Here we are breaking some beauty myths:

1. Dry skin causes wrinkles.
No, dry skin does not cause wrinkles it only makes your skin look rough and un appealing which is usually mistaken as wrinkles. To avoid this moisturize your skin regularly.|

2. Hair grows faster in summer.
This popular hair myth only applies to men’s beards that grow faster in the summer, but our hair doesn’t change its growth rate at all throughout the year.

3. Eating chocolates will give you acne.
This is one of the cruelest myths of all time.
No, chocolate doesn’t give you acne unless you’re allergic to it.

4. Crossing your legs can give you varicose veins.
Standing up, especially with high heel shoes puts pressure on your legs, not sitting with your legs crossed, and it’s that pressure that can cause varicose veins.

5. Hair grows thicker and quicker after shaving.
Absolutely false! Hair doesn’t grow thicker or faster. They grow of same thickness as when you shaved them off.

So there you have it!
Feel free to eat chocolates, and shave your legs fearlessly.

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