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One of almost every Indian woman’s most precious inheritances is a sari that once belonged to her mother’s mother. Shivali Arora, a Visionary Fashion Designer, under her flagship program “Buniyaad” is giving every woman a chance to beautifully showcase the memories and meanings laden in these nine yards of fabric. Under Buniyaad, reconnect with your roots this festive season . Bring in any saari fabric owned by your grandmother and we’ll make a new dress out of it for you. Also, you’ll be getting an outfit for your grandmother as well made from that same fabric in just INR 21*
*T&C Applies

Shivali Arora : A visionary designer

Shivali Arora is an indulgent and attractive clothing line for every age and style. Shivali Arora is known for making high end clothes which resonate with the theme and the design appeals to one’s eyes. 

Ranging from Indian to Western wear and Indo ethnic, each design is diligently hand crafted to suit a particular body shape and style. The fabric is conscientiously picked to tandem with the designs. The fabric speaks of it’s high quality as it slips and unites with the skin . Comfort is the keyword.

Her team is passionate about their work and each member deftly works with Shivali to create designs on the fabric which adorns every body type beautifully. 

Shivali Arora is a visionary with an eye for detail who creates wonderous designs suiting the occasion, theme and body shape. With a highly satisfied client list and following the brand, SHIVALI ARORA is a fast emerging influential name among the elites.

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