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Become a golden goddess with your ‘Tan’

No matter how scorching the heat gets we still can’t get ourselves to hate summers, can we? We as girls just love the feel of summer dresses, shorts, bathing suits, and skirts against our skin. But another thing comes with these without us asking for it- the tan.

You can’t say hello to the light blue sky without risking your skin to get that ugly tan. A tan should not be appreciated because it’s a reflection of skin burn and the sun damaging your skin

You can try all you can but you won’t be able to escape the sun and eventually end up getting tanned, even if it’s a slight one. Sometimes the excessive sunscreen on your body also does not defend your skin entirely. But you don’t have to worry as we have some tips set out for you to get a ‘sexy’ tan which glows instead of the ugly, patchy tan. Let’s begin with your countdown to gorgeous.


  1. Gulp down on a carrot juice

You may not like carrots but you have to become friends with it if you want that golden skin. This therapy is used by Brazilians (have your looked at their tan?) because carrots have beta-carotene which gives skin the golden glow. It also prevents aging and acne, ultimately protecting you from sun damage. So, if you want to have that tan to transform, drink one glass of carrot juice right before you step out of your home.


  1. Scrub your body

The moment you get back home from a long sunny day, you should take a shower and not forget to scrub your body gently. Your skin needs to breathe from all the dirt and damage and the best way to make it happen is by exfoliating your skin with the help of a loofah or a body scrub. You can mix yogurt and sugar as a regime for a homemade scrub which will peel off your dead skin, making your skin radiant and smooth.


  1. Use oats to have a bath

Yes, you read it right! You can now bathe in oats if you’ve got a sunburn, which is the red and painful tan. Add them in your bathing water and you will notice your water turning milky. This method will calm your sunburn and ease the pain too. Soon you’ll realize the redness has gone and your skin is much softer.


  1. Get habitual to Moisturizing

Your body needs loads of moisturizer therapy after a bad tan which cracks up and dries your skin. The best way to hydrate your skin after drinking water is to apply moisturizers every day before you go to bed. You can go for a cocoa butter moisturizer which has nourishing and creamy properties, making your skin get that perfect golden glow!

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