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Everyone’s heart goes to the next level of upliftment and excitement when we talk about holidays, travelling and what adds more to its fun is the beauty of beach that is  beyond imagination. Every person keeps some kind of fantasy within them for their trip to beaches but i am sure no one loves the tanning and the sun kissed skin. in this session i am going to showcase you some interesting tips to decorate your beach appeareance with a bold and classy appeal .


Beach clothes and style are not just restricted to Related imagebikinis and rompers. Of course, it depends on what you’re doing at the beach. If you’re tanning and taking a dip, of course you need a swimsuit, but if you’re traveling and exploring you can wear a dress, skirt, or other cute beach clothes.



Elevate your beach style with these beach fashion tips:

Sandals are a must; you can wear some classic Havaianas or some comfort sandalsBeach Fashion Tips- Visit to view more pics and read some beach fashion tips!

Keep in mind what you’ll be doing and how long you’re going to be walking for. Comfort is key, so don’t wear uncomfortable sandals when exploring a beach town. I was tempted to wear cute wedges with this dress, but it’s unrealistic.

 Go for an updoImage result for girl on beach with bun

Whether the beach is windy or not, hair down by the sea is never a good look. From the wind to sand to water to 99’s, it’s better to have your hair off your face.

Go for a classic French plait or a soft low-bun, and you’ll thank me later.


Instead of tons of statement jewelry with a bevy of diamonds, opt for natural jewelry.Image result for girl on beach with natural jewelry

Natural jewelry should be considered on top priority for every girl who is a beach lover.  Go for beaded bracelets in beachy colors with some pieces in natural shapes, like a leaf necklace and bracelet.

A good pair of sunglasses is crucial! Related image

Those dashing sunglasses gives your beach attire cool as well as elegant appeal. Besides shielding your eyes from the blaring sun, you can use them to conceal tired eyes. Traveling is hard on the body and your sleep patterns and if you’re not catching your ZZZs because of jet lag or partying all night, a big pair of dark sunglasses are an essential!

Go strapless

You’re at beach under the Image result for girl on beach with straplesssunshine, you’re going to want to put suncream on. But what you don’t want is to be fiddling with a million and one straps to cover your shoulders — so go strapless.

It’ll be easier to cover your back and shoulders and you’ll also get no tan lines!


 Don’t forget your scarfImage result for girl on beach with scarf

Hear me out. Related imageScarves are not just for winter. I’m not suggesting you bring your best knit, but a light scarf is ideal if there’s a breeze.

It can also double as a sarong or a bandana.

Avoid light coloursImage result for girl on beach with dark colour dress

Beaches can actually be quite dirty and if you’re planning on chilling on the sand, you don’t want to ruin your favourite white shorts. The brighter, bolder colours work better.



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