Basic Table Manners

One should know table manners while dining, it not only leaves the good impression but it also comes under etiquettes. Table manners come in handy when you are on any official dinner or any important meetings.

  • The most basic of the dining habits is to place your napkin at your lap.
  • Always wait till the food is served to everyone before eating.
  • Don’t talk with your mouth full of food also don’t chew with opened mouth.
  • Using fork and knife is considered one of the important table manners but it depends on the cuisine you are having, for e.g.: Indian cuisine includes using hands for bread and spoon for curry and rice, also in Chinese eating habits they use chopsticks to eat.
  • When you pause while having your meal then you must keep fork over knife in a cross in middle of plate and when you done eating you must keep them side by  side.


  • When you’re having any kind of breads, always break bread with your hands.
  • One thing which is to keep in mind that when you’re dining always excuse yourself when you want to leave the table.
  • And always wait for the other person to finish his/her meal and then only forbear the table.

Table manners are so essential thing to learn because one mistake can make you so embarrassed in front of people. You’ll need them time to time.

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