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“Bagru” at Lakme Fashion Week S/R 2018

Talented Jaipur Designer PunitBalanawill showcase his exclusive SS18 collection “BAGRU” at Lakme Fashion Week on Sunday 4th February. Known for focusing on local techniques and art, PunitBalana’s new collection “Bagru” is the art of creating vivid and intricate prints through use of natural dyes and traditional techniques.

“Bagru” by PunitBalana is an amalgamation of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern and the classic and the progressive. This collection looks to the past for inspiration and moves forward into the future, while using the techniques of yesterday to create the designs of tomorrow. This 400-year-old art of printing is a namesake to the town it originated in. It’s relevance to today exits in its eco-friendly technique. The dyes used in this process are natural and so are the processing agents.


Punit has extensively worked with the “Chippas” of Bagru providing them economical support and better livelihood along with reviving the unique tradition of India. Comprising of modern silhouettes engulfed in traditional ‘Bagru’ printed fabrics; this collection will feature PunitBalana’s signature glass embroidery and thread work. Each piece has an identity of its own, created by the hand printing technique. Recreating traditional designs like 80 ‘kali’ ghararas and classic saris with cotemporary silhouettes like shirts and structured jackets, this collection aims to dress a woman deeply rooted into her Indian heritage while living the life of an independent 21st century aspirant.

“I like to explore with new technique every season and this year my collection “Bagru” is inspired by the 400 year old art of printing which is namesake to the town “Bagru” in Rajasthan, it originated in. Classic pieces characterized by traditional techniques, makes the collection unique yet wearable”, shared Designer PunitBalana.“I am working towards bringing the traditional techniques into the modern designs of the current day by showcasing them on platforms like Lakme Fashion Week, giving these techniques a place in the world dominated with machineries and mass production. This not only keeps our unique tradition of India alive, but also provides a better livelihood to the artisans and craftsman”, he further added.


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