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Avoid, Alter, Adapt or Accept- afresh strife to Anxiety

where panic, fear and worries overwhelm , there takes place the monster of ‘ ANXIETY’

People nowadays get scared from things very easily whether it can be a job interview or family matters or health related matters. these fears and worries later transforms into anxiety disorders which can be a threat and dynamite to our health as it becomes a way for numerous health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, substance abuse, and depression.  one in every adult is suffering from anxiety disorders nowadays. The best contrivance is to follow the 4A FORMULA i.e AVOID, ALTER, ADAPT AND ACCEPT .

the first two As focus on changing the situation and the second two As focus on changing your own reaction.Apart from this , we are going to give you 6 simple contrivance to overcome the monsters and dangers of Anxiety disorders:

  1. Anneals your anxiety. The most important thing to think about what your anxiety is and what provokes it. Your anxiety could be of anything like fear of  travelling, meeting people, fear of heights, talking with your boss, worrying about the future, etc. Right after analysing your anxiety , bring in yourself the habit of making a feeling dairy and record the situations and things that made you feel uneasy and drizzy throughout the day.

  2. What are your thoughts when you are anxious?  

    Try to identify specific thought distortions. In cognitive therapy we often recognise anxiety as the result of biases in thinking. 

    These include:

    • Fortune-telling – ‘something bad will happen’
    • Mind-reading – ‘he thinks I am a loser’
    • Catastrophic thinking – ‘it would be terrible if’
    • Personalising – ‘she’s yawning because I am boring’

    These are likely to reflect your perception of threat and the belief that you need to control things.

  3. Challenge your negative thinking.    There is always a different way to view things. Look at the evidence for and against your negative thoughts. Challenge these thoughts. Ask yourself “what kind of advice would I give a friend?”

  4. Practise your fear

the easiest thing you can do to overcome the panic attack is to practise your fear . identify the situations that are troubling you and then visualize the scenes and events in your mind . only then you can overcome your fear.

5. Accept and acquire imperfections and flaws

You don’t have to be perfect to make progress. You don’t have to know something for sure in order to do it. Doing it is better than worrying about it because nobody is perfect in this world . just make your imperfections perfect and go with the flow.

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