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Aromatic Essential Oils for Festive Season. -Shahnaz Husain

Festival season is round the corner. Try aromatic essential oils to put health and glow back on your skin! Aromatherapy, a branch of natural healing, makes use of aromatic essential oils. Actually, essential oils are present in a large number of plants. The term “essential oil” is misleading, because they are not really oils. In fact, even in consistency, they are more like water than oil. Essential oils are complex in nature and constitute the volatile and aromatic part of the plant. Apart from their medicinal properties, many have been valued for their fragrances too. Essential oils influence both body and mind and are used in stress-related beauty and health problems. They have to be used with caution, as their action is highly potent when applied directly on the skin. That is why they are diluted in prescribed amounts with pressed oils, mineral water, or rose water.


Many essential oils are used in beauty treatments. Eucalyptus, Neem, Clove, Tea Tree and Sandalwood Oils are used to treat acne-related conditions, due to their germicidal and antiseptic properties. Rosemary Oil, Brahmi Oil, Neem and Calendula oils are used for hair problems. Many are used in cosmetic treatments due to their anti-ageing properties, like rose, jasmine, geranium, carrot seed, lavender, chamomile, lotus, orange flower (neroli), etc. They have a calming effect on the mind, reduce stress, tone the skin, improve blood circulation to the skin surface and rejuvenate the skin. They contain antioxidants, which delay ageing signs and protect the skin from sun damage.


Home Remedies with Essential Oils:


Tip: Always blend in small quantities, so that it does not turn rancid.


Add 5 Drops of rose oil to 100 ml mineral water. Soak cotton wool pads and use them as eye pads to induce relaxation, delay wrinkles and brighten the eyes.


Add 4 to 5 Drops of rose OR lavender essential oils to 100 ml of olive oil or sunflower oil for fragrant body massage oil. To blend two oils together, ensure that the total amount of oil is 4 to 5 drops to 100 ml carrier oil.


Essential oils, like oils of rose, orange flower (neroli), geranium, lemon or lavender, can also be added to rose water, to make a skin tonic. Add 5 Drops of the essential oil to 100 ml rose water. Neroli benefits dry and dehydrated skin. Essential oils can also be used as natural fragrances.


For oily, combination and acne-prone skins, add 10 Drops of sandalwood essential oil to 50 ml of rose water, to make a protective and anti-ageing tonic. Wipe the face with it, using cotton wool.


Add 10 Drops of Essential Oil of rose to 1 cup of pure almond oil to water in a bath tub, for a luxury bath.


Add 10 Drops of Tea Tree Oil to 5 ml rose water. Apply directly on pimples / acne, with cotton swab.


Add 10 Drops sandalwood oil to 200 ml rose water to make a skin tonic. This also has anti-ageing and protective benefits.shahnaz-husain-1-1-3-5

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