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It’s always been a question “How Much Time Should a Man Spend Grooming?”

For a man getting ready for a night out or a party, it would take half an hour at the most to transform himself from Mr. Not so cool to Mr. Super-Cool-Dude. All it takes is a quick shower and shave, a dash of aftershave and a spray of perfume and a quick swipe of a hairbrush and you are good to go.

Getting that half hour to use the bathroom can become the most difficult part of a man’s simple beauty regime if you have a sister, girlfriend or a wife  to accompany you because they will be in there for at least three hours getting ready for the night out: shaving, plucking, puffing, slicking, applying, and whatever else women do to preen themselves. Of course, after that, they would spend another hour or two in her bedroom, choosing clothes and accessories to match them.

Back then, women took a lot more pride in their appearance than men. But today, a man is expected to look like his looks are not an afterthought.

Male Beauty: Then and Now

Male grooming these days is on a par with the female grooming routine.

These days, men are taking a lot more pride in their appearance and want to look great when they go out into the public eye. There are many new products aimed at men’s looks, and grooming products and services have become a thriving marketplace.

Now even men need hours to get ready and now there’s no more a stereotype attitude towards men’s grooming

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