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As per time changes men also carry accessory to look handsome and cool  and there are lots of accessory that men love to stuck with them like bracelet ,anklet , rings  and watches. A men with watch  always  reflect the shadow of gentleman Rules for Men When Wearing Jewellery

Keep It Simple

When in doubt, keep it simple.  Start with a classic leather-strapped silver watch; if you regularly wear a watch and can afford it, consider a sportier diving watch with a stainless steel band as well. Match metals most men’s jewelry is metallic.  Gold and silver tones are the most common.  Your outfits should only feature one metal tone at a time

Copper and bronze are orange-hued metals and should be treated as such..You’ll see copper-tone jewellery in more casual outfits, and an heirloom copper ring or shirt buttons/rivets can add to a plain trouser and shirt. Turquoise gets a little bit of an exception for any man who wears deliberately Western styles.  It’s become something of a Southwestern gentleman’s stone.  A bit on a ring, bolo tie, or belt buckle goes great with jeans and a collared shirt.  Just be aware that it is a bright color and tends to be eye-catching–wear small amounts, and only when you want to draw attention to wherever the stone is located.

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