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Aashmeen & Arvind Munjaal hosted an evening of Sufi Qawwal at DLF Galleria, Gurgaon. Inbox x

Aashmeen & Arvind Munjaal hosted an evening of Sufi Qawwal with friends, family & students of Star Makeup &Hair Academy. Whose who of Delhi Social circuit was swirling to the tunes of sufiana music in about to be launched Biggest Hair & Makeup Academy of Delhi NCR. 
The event was graced by The Khusro Nizami Bandhus who presented best of Sufi qawwalis, Thenny Mejia, Ms. India & artist Anjanna Kuthiala, Designer Amit Talwar, social activist Parul Mahajan, Mann Dua, Malvika Kaura, Manish Shuweta Kapoor, Pooja Chabra, Niell talwar, Jeweller Nitin Vijay, Dance therapist Ashuma Sachdeva, Madhavi Advani, Neena Singh, Manish Anand & Kaajal, Kamal & Pooja Ahuja. Politician & business tycoons of Delhi – Gurgaon also joined and enjoyed the theme party.

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