6 tips to keep your pet away from garden

Little things may frustrate a gardener, specially animals which can challenge your gardening skills. It is difficult to be an animal lover and be in love with gardening. Here are some tips for you if you are animal lover and having a green thumb at the same time.

  1. Secure your garden beds witch the chicken wire, it is one of the easy and inexpensive way to keep your pets away from garden beds.
  2. Create a separate section of sand for your pet to play by digging a long shallow area and fill it with sand.
  3. Select your fertilizers carefully that should be safe for your pets around. Manure, seaweed and compost will be some best fertilizers for your pet.
  4. You should what to plant, before planting a garden you should research which types of plant will suit your pet.
  5. Give your pet a pet house it will best way to separate your pet from hazard.
  6. Go for pet friendly fibers like wood, leather etc.

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