On 22 June 2016 a patient named Ravi Rai who broke his right ankle by falling off the stairs. A shocking incident of negligence revealed that the doctors of the Fortis hospital in Shalimar bagh operated on his left leg which was perfectly healthy.

The doctors had taken a CT scan and x-rays to confirm the damage in his ankle and they deduced that Ravi requires a surgery to hold his ankle intact. Ravi agreed for the surgery but instead of operating on the right leg they operated on his left ankle which was perfectly alright.

When the family came to know about this they filed an FIR against the hospital for negligence.

It takes years of training and practice, constant retaining and continuous study is required to become a good doctor. Doctors are probably the smartest people in the society but they are also human. Nobody is perfect and even the doctors make mistakes sometimes. In light of what happened to Ravi the hospital has issued a message.


We would like to reiterate that patient safety is of paramount importance to us. We

stand by our rigorous operating room (OR) processes that have stood the test of

time. These include detailed pre and post-operative surgical check lists which are

Diligently followed to obviate the remote chance of human error.


Following yesterday’s incident, we immediately set up an expert committee to

enquire into the matter. Their preliminary view suggests that in the rarest aberrations,

the operating team may have disregarded and sidestepped due processes. We take our

obligation to our patients very seriously. As this is a zero tolerance area for us, the

services of erring doctors and ‘OR’ personnel have been dispensed forthwith.

action against some others is also being contemplated, pending enquiry.


We regret the incident. We would like to re-assure all our patients that we are deeply

committed to the purpose of providing sound medical opinions.”

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